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About American Custom Drying

American Custom Drying (ACD) is the industry standard for quality custom food and technical grade spray drying and custom blending.

ACD was founded in 1969 by Richard L. Shipley and has grown into a market leading contract manufacturer serving both the chemical and food industries. We provide our customers the flexibility to start with R&D runs before progressing to full-scale production. Our team takes pride in working directly with customers to achieve the best possible results. In an industry that evolves every day, American Custom Drying has been the one constant over the past 53 years.


Our mission is to maintain the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction at competitive pricing while providing a safe, respectful working environment.

Core Values:

Do the Right Thing

To demonstrate fairness and integrity through our actions with customers, employees and partners.


Communicate and collaborate both within and outside the company to ensure the best possible result is achieved.

Service Excellence

Be customer focused and at all levels of the organization from the first point of contact to delivery of the product or service.


To meet commitments and be accountable for our actions towards customers, employees and the community.


To recognize the achievements of our employees, customers and business partners.