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Custom Blending Services at American Custom Drying (ACD)

From formula to final product – let ACD fill all the requirements in between

It’s all about the customer at ACD. You can bring a product prototype or formula to ACD and we will help further develop it for you. When ready to go to production we can source the raw ingredients, carry out the manufacturing and  package and ship your final product to the destination that you specify. A seamless solution to get your product idea to the market efficiently.

Our custom blending and packaging equipment is complemented by a production team with a wealth of experience. Whether the blend calls for a simple mix of two ingredients or more complex staged multi-ingredient mixes, we have the experience to deliver the results you need.

We have the following Custom Blending and packaging services and facilities available at our plant in New Jersey.


  • 200 Cu. Ft. Ribbon
  • 150 Cu. Ft. Ribbon
  • 100 Cu. Ft. Ribbon
  • 8 Qt. Capacity Lab Twin Shell
  • Reduction Rotomill

Packaging Options

  • Super Sacks
  • Drums
  • Valve Pack Bags
  • Open Mouth Bags