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Spray Drying

Since its inception in 1969, American Custom Drying has been the industry standard for custom food and technical grade spray drying. American Custom Drying has gained valuable spray drying knowledge and expertise involving many different chemistries.  Through both hard work and dedication, we have seen many projects through infant R&D stages to commercial production. In an industry that evolves every day, American Custom Drying has been the one constant over the past 53 years.


  • Two spray dryers each up to 4,000 lbs of water evaporating capacity per hour
  • Wet processing including heating and cooling
  • Sanitary food-grade loading station with magnets & dust control
  • Full stainless steel sanitary feed system
  • 500,000 Gallons of liquid storage on site


  • CO2 injection, Homogenization
  • Steam injection, Heating / Cooling
  • Flow-aid addition in drying chamber
  • Encapsulation technology
  • Open Air Reaction processing

Atomization Options

  • Two- Fluid Nozzles
  • High Pressure Nozzles